Hollywood superstars are hit with the baby syndrome lately. There are some who are pregnant and some who choose to adopt a baby to be part of their family.

These are some of the superstars who have adopted their babies.

Sharon Stone (49), adopted a few boys over the last few years with the last one reported to be in August 2006. Sharon Stone became well-known in the international arena after her role in Basic Instinct in 1992.

Meg Ryan (46) adopted a baby girl from China in January 2007. She is normally acting in romantic comedies movie. She became famous in Hollywood after her movie, When Harry Meet Sally.

Madonna, adopted baby boy from Malawi October last year. She is Hollwood’s famous singer.

Widely known, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with their adopted children from different parts of the world – Zahara, Ethiopian girl, Maddox, Cambodian boy, Pax Thien Vietnamese boy.

Sheryl Crow (45) adopted a baby boy last Friday. She named her boy as Wyatt (after her dad) Steven (after his little brother and Scooter).