S.H.E., a pop singing group from Taiwan, dressesed in white wedding gawns to promote the release of their new album “Play” in Taipei on May 10.

The three girls in the group said that the wedding ceremony setting is a unique expression for their deep and lasting bond with one another.

They performed a new single, “The Wife”, at the promotion, which expresses their intimate relationship.

Pretty S.H.E With Wedding Gaun

Pretty S.H.E With Wedding Gaun

Pretty S.H.E With Wedding Gaun

Pretty S.H.E With Wedding Gaun

S.H.E sang the song that they composed for themselves, “Wife.” Although they openly talk about their “wife” relationship with each other, when it comes to talking about love relationships, Ella was the only that shared her part. She revealed that there is a “new friend,” but although he is not as good looking and musclar as rumored boyfriend WuZun, he sports the musclar look as well. Ella shyly said that at this moment they are still friends and getting to know each other better, but she doesnt know what will happen in the future, and doesnt reject the idea of further developing their relationship.

When talking about this “new friend,” Ella said that they met during the period when Selina and Hebe went to record “Guess Guess Guess,” when Ella went “hunting.” It was later when she found out that she was the one being “hunted,” and joked: “I then got hit by an arrow, it hurt.”

Earlier HIM said that they will reject all interviews and such by “Liberty Times,” and during the press conference, they indeed did not accept any interviews by “Liberty Times.”

Source: Apply Daily & xmnext.com