Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo lent his celebrity status in the hunt for three-year-old Madeleine McCann. The football star appealed to her abductors to return the girl safely to her parents. The girl was feared to have been kidnapped by a paedophile ring in Portugal. Her frantic parents had made numerous televised appeals since their daughter went missing from her bed while they were having a late dinner at the Praia da Luz resort village.

“Please, if you have any type of information, please tell us,” Ronaldo pleaded on national TV in English and Portuguese. Ronaldo’s interest in the case is touching and must have won him many new English fans. This happen at the right time in view of his public quarrel with Rooney over the incident of his infamous wink to Manchester United manager, which caused Rooney to kick him and be sent off. Ronaldo, despite winning the Best Young Player and Football Player of the Year titles recently, Ronaldo had been loudly booed by French and English fans whenever he had possession of the ball in a match between Portugal and France. Moreover, Ronaldo had been accused of trying to influence the referee’s decision by diving on numerous occasions and this didn’t make him very popular.

Can this villain of football save Madeleine McCann from physical abuse, the paedophile racket or even death? If the girl were returned to her parents safe, Ronaldo’s reputation would definitely improve. But Ronaldo has gained many points by sticking his head out for this English girl, either with or without his image consultant’s advice.