DISTRESSED PARIS HILTON fled her lawyers’ office in tears as she launched a desperate bid to avoid jail.


The hotel heiress claims she has received death threats and admitted: “I’m very scared.”

Paris, 26, who was given a 45-day sentence for driving while disqualified, says inmates have put messages on her website such as: “I’m going to kill you.”


A friend added: “One person wrote she is going to steal Paris’s shoes — and if she argues, she’ll be beaten to a pulp. It’s horrifying.”

But last night it was revealed that Paris WILL be segregated from dangerous prisoners for safety.

She will get a regulation blue jumpsuit when she checks into Century Regional Detention Facility at Lynwood, California, which she must do by June 5.

But Paris will be kept separate from more violent offenders in a “special needs” unit for profile lags.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said Paris will be locked up in a cell — 8ft by 12ft — 23 hours a day but will be away from the 2,200 inmates.

Sgt Whitmore said: “She’s going to be assigned a two-person cell in an area for inmates with special needs, and she most likely will have another inmate in the cell with her.”

Paris will be let out of her cell for an hour a day to shower, stretch her legs, use the phone or watch TV. She can expect three meals each day — with dinner her only hot food.

She admitted: “I’m very scared but I’m grateful for the support and calls I’m getting.”

Paris has hired a hot-shot lawyer Richard Hutton, who specialises in clients accused of drunk driving, to prepare her appeal.

But the blonde seemed to be sobbing as she left his offices with mum Kathy on Tuesday. A pal said: “Paris is distraught. She can’t eat, she can’t sleep, she’s terrified. This is a nightmare.”

California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has promised to review her case — but not until she has exhausted the appeal process.

Yesterday TV star and singer Paris was back driving her £120,000 Bentley from her Hollywood home to meet ex-fiancé PARIS LATSIS. She is allowed on the road because her ban expired on March 29.

(Source: The Sun, May 10, 2007)