The world’s largest search engine company, Google has announced a worldwide search list recently, according to Taiwan media. According to Google statistics, the most popular search Keywords for Taiwan in March 2007 is “sushi” follow by “Shun Fat 3C” and the third is “D80 Nikon digital camera”. Besides, most Asian countries have a similar phenomenon that showing “food” & “play” is indeed Asians are most concerned about that. For example, Korea’s second favorite keyword is “king crab” & Singapore’s first Keywords is “Roti Prata” (India-style cake). 

For Hong Kong, the first keyword search is the  Sony PSP game arcade, “DevHook” & the “Hangame”(game) also is the first ranking keyword in Japan. The major popular keyword search for China associated with stock investments.

A keyword search statistics list from largest search engine, Google, believe that can reflect a latest mindset, new trend or “contemporary thought” which people most want to “find”, most want to “know”.