Remember the superhero who killed Bill and terrorized assassins in the action packed Kill Bill I & II? Ya, she is Uma Thurman. In this movie, Uma Thurman has a dual role – as Jenny Johnson with her librarian – like demeanor and dressing, and her super-personality, the G-Girl. Sexy Uma Thurman is very watchable in both roles in the movie.

On one occasion, Jenny Johnson meets the shy and lonely project manager of a design firm, Matt Saunders. Both of them later fall in love and have sex. Jenny Johnson discloses her true identity to Matt. Through various incidents, Jenny turns out to be an insecure person that Matt has no choice but to break up with her.

Let’s watch the trailer:

What happen to Jenny and Matt? Find out from the movie. Anyway, My Super Ex-Girlfriend is not all about superheroes story. It’s more on guys and relationship. This movie is not a new movie, but it is still worth watching even if it is just to see how ignorant men can be.