Still remember the PaPeRo robot ??? Recently, NEC has introduced a new version of its small PaPeRo robot in a bite-size format. The latest PaPeRo Mini only measures 179 x 170 x 250 milimeters (9.84 inches high) and weighs at 5.5 pounds (2.5kg). The PaPeRo mini can consider as the shrunken brother of the original PaPeRo.

The NEC PaPeRo Mini’s new smartypants module uses a ARM 9192 CPU and a DSP processor to provide speech recognition, speech synthesis, control of the surrounding area and face recognition. In addition, the new and improved hardware makes the NEC PaPeRo Mini robot faster & it can also network with other PaPeRos.

“The aim of our research at NEC is not just to further robot technology, but to examine and develop better human-machine interface through the concept of “living with robots,” said Yoshihiro Fujita, Project Manager, NEC Incubation Center. What do you think of this mini robot, interesting ???