Pop Singer Jolin Tsai accused of behaving arrogantly as unwilling to sing along with the fans while performing the song in China for China’s Central Television Station, CCTV. Today, Jolin Tsai was apologized through her agent.

On the day during the shows, Jolin Tsai was supposed to sing three songs, including “Today You Will Marry Me”, which she had performed with Taiwan singer David Tao at the 2007 CCTV Spring Festival Gala. However when Jolin Tsai was asked by the director to sing with a fan picked from the audience, she refused to do so and saying it was not written in her contract.
Pretty Jolin

Enraged by her attitude, Director Sun Bin launched a fierce quarrel with the assistant of the star. The recording was stalled for several minutes.

Finally, the star agreed to sing with three “fans”: one from the audience, the other two being staff working for her company.

It is reported that Jolin Tsai was the only one who hadn’t shown up during a previous rehearsal of the show, to which big stars Aaron Kwok, Emil Chau and Jasmine Leung were also invited.

A representative of Jolin’s company, Electrical and Music Industries (EMI), said the incident was caused by a misunderstanding between the two sides.