ph01.jpgRegardless of the law and her crime, Paris Hilton’s prison term is too short. She should go to prison for at least a year or two with no parole. As it is, the spoilt socialite millionairess will likely go to prison for perhaps 45 days and come out more bitchy and selfish, having learnt nothing from her punishment. Most likely, she will pretend to write a book, produce a reality TV show or give interviews about it and get lots of money and more fame in the process.

She will feel that she has been severely wronged and has known suffering in life. Compared to the millions of war refugees, orphans and poor people in the world, her little ordeal must seem petty and her whining unwarranted. At least, she still gets food and a shelter over her head in prison. No doubt she will continue to pout her lips, flaunt that sexy (or skinny?) body, and ride rough-shod over everyone including the law. The appeals court should not pardon her nor reduce her sentence, but increase it, for the punishment to have any impact or meaning at all in her life. For her to be without her expensive clothes, fast sports cars, credit cards, adoring fans, make-up, glamour and parents’ pampering for a significant amount of time is the best thing that can happen to Paris Hilton. Strip her off her materialistic and superficial cover and see if there is anything pure or beautiful inside.