A man, exasperated and frustrated with his wife, finally put up an ad to auction off the woman for $50 (100 reals) on the Internet. But the website, Mercado Livre, partially owned by eBay Inc., had been ordered by the authorities to remove the ad. The ad had violated the law prohibiting the advertisement or transaction of human organs, people, blood, bone or skin. The Brazilian man must have thought he owned the woman after marrying her. Well, come to think of it, the woman might be worth more if separated into bones, blood, tits, butt, eyes, and organs for sale… What is the worth of the man in the wife’s estimate?

stoningami_468×688.jpgA 17-year-old girl from the Yazidi religious sect, a minority group in northern Iraq, was stoned to death for eloping with a Muslim man. Having converted to Islam, she was brutally murdered by her brothers and uncles. Her murder was captured on cellphone cameras and released in the Internet. Men kicked her and threw stones at her while shouting obscenities and making angry gestures. Meanwhile, Iraqi police officers stood by while she was stoned to death by the mob. The girl cowered in pain and fear before she died in a pool of blood. The murder does not only invite anger and condemnation from the world, it is also likely to trigger retaliation by the Muslim community in Iraq. The whole incident could turn political and ugly. Meanwhile, a life is lost, unnecessarily either in the name of tribal custom or politics. Again, the female is deemed a worthless property or belonging to be sold, trampled or abolished at will. If the woman was sinful and shameless, what does that make the men (even to their own Gods)?

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