boat3.jpgThis is a must-have experience to tell family and friends in a trip to exotic and fascinating south-east Asia. Elegant, sexy and beautiful, the Jade Princess beckons with its gleaming and sleek body. It lies there under the sun creating a ripple of excitement in its admiring visitors. If you are on holiday in Lankawi Island and fancy the lifestyle of a millionaire even just for one night, you could try to cruise with the Jade Princess. This sleek $1 million yacht sails from Langkawi to Penang in Malaysia. Visitors aboard the 80-feet beauty can watch the sunset, laze near the tranquil serenity of the sea, bask in the sun, go swimming, fishing or snorkelling, and dine on delicious seafood and wine. Enjoy the sun and the sea and if you are lucky or persistent, you might land yourself a giant mackerel and have it cooked by the captain.

The cruise spells elegance and luxury in every detail. The Myanmar teak flooring greets visitors at the entrance and leads into a plush salon with comfortable cream leather sofa and a state-of the-art entertainment corner. The royal bedroom embraces one with its maroon carpet and satin wood walls. The large queen-size bed invites one to roll in its softness and perhaps engage in a fantasy of one’s own. The romantic lights and air-conditioning allow one to languish in cool luxury despite the heat of the tropical sun outside or the humid air at night. There are three other cabins with the same charming deco and cosy, relaxing atmosphere.