India’s first ever Condom Bar Cum Disco with Free Condoms

Gone is the Condoms too big for Indian men resulting from a survey of more than 1,000 men in India that international sizes are too big for most Indian men.

Gone is the one in every five times a condom is either falls or tears

Gone is the call for mixed sizes condom to be made for Indian men resulting from a survey of
more than half of the men’s penises are shorter than international standard.

In is action speaks louder than word , the Indian’s first ever condom bar cum disco opens in northern Indian town of Chandigarh’s Kalagram in colloborate with Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation (CITCO) , to promote safe sex as well as social commitment implemented by government body with the initiative of a young woman who suffers from AIDS.

You may wonder the nightspot not only drinks are served in condom shaped mug , interiors are also festooned with prophylactics all over the walls , but also free condoms are given free in return for any loose change.

More coming up to how you can use your two fingers to drink a cup of tea and also manipulate condoms in the same way…..but the trick is only to those who has the moustache can overcome it….

One example of the humorous educating safe sex popular billboards is , the theme is just using your two fingers to twirl your moustache, two fingers to drink a cup of chai tea , and magically your two fingers to properly apply and remove a condom.Can you do it? Probably only to those Indian with their god given marvelous ‘moustache’ can do the trick.

“Condoms should be seen as friends and people should get over with inhibitions regarding it. We at the ITCO wanted to fulfil our social commitment and this bar has been initiated in this context,” Jasbir Singh Bir, the enthusiastic CITCO managing director, said .

I fully applaud the program for it would promote safe sex with your regular partner and not to be in the league of the next Africa in terms of highest in HIV/Aids infection populated country.