As a child, she grew up with the patter of the old typewriter in her ears and promptly declared she wanted to be a writer. Her first composition, Your Dark Glasses, was written about her father when she was just eight. Singing and dancing were in her blood. At the age of ten, she was brought to a local Middle Eastern restaurant by her father and started to gyrate to the traditional Arab drums being played, much to the amusement of the other patrons. Music is her passion and obsession.

A sexy and sultry Latin singer, she stands out from the crowd with her powerful and husky voice. She had been rejected by the music director of her school choir because her strong voice was feared to drown and diminish the other children’s voices. She is blessed with a beautiful and extraordinary talent. Her diminutive size renders her commanding voice all the more amazing. Moreover, her sexy body and bouncy breasts match that of any striptease dancer. She is hot and seductive, both with her body and vocals.

Shakira decides everything from her hair colour to her wardrobe and song choice. She writes her own songs and manages the business aspect of selling the songs as well. She is a shrewd businesswoman as well as beautiful and talented singer. No blonde airhead, Shakira is one of the most successful Latin singers to date.