ht_kenneth_fr2_ms.jpgHe assaulted and raped his own daughter four years ago. Then he distributed the video on Internet. It is one of the most popular child pornography videos in recent years. He even presented a video capturing the abuse to his own daughter. Kenneth John Freeman was arrested after his daughter appeared on TV show America’s Most Wanted and talked openly about her horrible experience. She was immediately linked to some of the most notorious molestation videos on the Internet. This led to the discovery of Freeman’s Internet videos as well as his whereabouts which ultimately led to his arrest.

He had evaded arrest last year by fleeing the US after his daughter told her mother about the rape. Freeman had been put on the Marshals Service and US Immigration and Custom Enforcement’s most wanted list. An enthusiastic bodybuilder and computer expert, he had even volunteered as a reserve sheriff’s deputy in the 1980s. But the law finally caught up with this distorted and sick sex maniac when he was tracked to Suzhou, China, where he had been working in a US-based company. He was finally apprehended in Hong Kong when he entered from mainland China.

The daughter is 17 years old and hailed as a child heroine by the American public. Her whole life must have collapsed when her father raped and sexually assaulted her. But she managed to stand tall and pick up the pieces today. By revealing the truth about her father, she has exposed herself to shame and humiliation. But more importantly she has confronted the demons inside her and brought an evil paedophile to the face of justice. A father that can rape his own daughter and then release the videos for public viewing and delight must be seriously sick and psychologically unhinged. The man is a threat to society and a time bomb. Sadly, the girl must rebuild her life as well as shattered self-esteem and hopefully learn to love, trust and enjoy sex again.