Zai Zai admited that he is down & losing weight due to Xu Wei Lun when interview by Korea medias.

Since Xu Wei Lun died in a car accident, Zai Zai has cut away his popular hairstyle and lost his weight of 7kg. Zai Zai finally admitted to the media that he has been feeling down due to Xu Wei Lun’s death.

When Zai Zai been asked by Korean media about why he has lost 7 kg, he replied “It’s because a really good friend met with a car accident recently and passed away, making me feel really in the dumps and I cut a new hairstyle to give myself a change and move away from the past. It was also to tell my friends that I won’t be hurt by those rumors and I will be strong.”

According to Shi Bao Mag(a magazine)’s reporter, when Mrs Xu was asked if she knew Zai Zai has been losing weight due to her daughter, she replied “I’m not sure! Hasn’t he always been skinny? I have nothing to say. You should go ask him. Only he knows what he feels.”

Regarding all the news that Zai Zai has been feeling upset due to Xu Wei Lun and lost 7kg, his manager commented “He has indeed lost weight but it is only 1 to 2kg. 7kg is an exaggeration. His current weight is around 64,65.” And in response to Zai Zai spilling his real thoughts to the korea media, his manager responded that it was a public occasion and everyone heard what he said. Since this has passed for so long, she hope everyone will stop creating stories out of it.