Husbands who abuse their wives are better at housework and making love. This is not due to guilt after a series of violence or beating. In fact, after torturing their wives, the men are given psychotropic medicine to treat their abusive nature. A man who takes psychotropic pills such as amphetamine will feel energetic and take part vigorously in housework and make love for up to two hours at one time. The woman enjoys the free household help and sexual attention from their partner.

In fact, the woman feeds this habit of the husband. She would pay for the drugs with the meager income she has working as a nurse or clerk. She would even secure a loan just to pay for the husband’s habit. When the money runs out, the beating continues. The woman seems to thrive on the passion, lust, pain and sex of their existence. These women live dangerously on the edge for the sexual pleasure that they get.

The husbands are dying a slow death even as the wives’ sexual needs are fulfilled. Among the effects of amphetamine pills are increased libido, compulsive fascination and euphoria. The addicts could also become delusional and mentally ill. Finally, overdose of the drug can lead to brain damage and death.