SlouchPod InteractiveXT, the all new high quality interactive chair, with supportive high back. Designed for gamers, music lovers and media junkies. The gamer’s dream which has two built-in 5Watt RMS speakers and a 10Watt RMS Sub Woofer, the only interactive bean chair on the market to currently have this feature.

SlouchPod is compatible with all of the following:- Xbox, Playstation, Gamecube, PSP, TV, DVD Player, VCR, iPod, MP3 Player and CD Player. In addition, the SlouchPod InteractiveXT is the most impressive and comfortable Gaming & Multimedia Chair to date in the UK which provide an enhanced experience for gamers and MP3 users.

The color options of SlouchPod including classic black, cream and red, and the more nausea-inducing lilac, pink and white. Besides, the price of SlouchPod is about $600 and it’s currently just available in the UK and Europe at the moment.