Who are the recent richest music figures? Well, the former founder of the Zomba Music Group, Clive Calder, still ranked first with an estimated fortune of £1.3bil. Clive Calder was born in South Africa. He sold his Zomba Music Group in 2002 for US$1.8bn.

alw2004162×245_000.jpgPopular theatre composer of the 20th century, Andrew Lyod Webber, ranked second with an estimated fortune of £750mil while McCartney ranked third with a fortune estimated at £725mil. The ranking for Lloyd Webber has gone up compare to year 2006 while the former Beatles member, Sir James Paul McCartney has gone down. Andrew Lloyd Webber has had a good year due to his role as producer of a West End revival of The Sound of Music, whose star was chosen by a reality TV programme. The ranking for McCartney has gone down due to the estimated cost of his upcoming divorce from Heather Mills.

Other richest music figures in the list are theatre producer Cameron Mackintosh; American Idol impresario Simon Fuller; pop queen Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie; musician Elton John; Mick Jagger; entertainment entrepreneur Robert Stigwood; crooner tom Jones; and Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.