Are you addicted to coffee ??? If the answer is yes, so you might get your own intelligent coffee machine/coffee maker that can read your minds to understands your chemical dependence.

Recently,  JL Hufford Coffee and Tea announced that it has begun provisional patent exploration into coffee machines that learn and react to their users.  “The software for a basic artificial intelligence learning algorithm is currently available and quite inexpensive”, says James Pappas, JL Hufford Coffee and Tea’s Product Manager, whose store specializes in “super-automatic” coffee machines.

This “super automatic coffee machine” actually “learns the drinking patterns of its users,” and recognizes the patterns of when you want a cappuccino, triple espresso and when you want an Americano. In addition, the super automatic coffee machine could have GPS tracking or RFID technology, so you could even phone in your coffee order from the office.

Lastly, your dream coffee machine is developed by internet’s largest retailer of super-automatic espresso coffee centers, JL Hufford Coffee and Tea.