ln2007.jpgWhen you see how easy it is for a 14-year-old girl to get attention online, you will be worried about safety on the Internet. Beauty queen Laura Nelson helped New York police by going undercover as a young girl to nab sexual predators on the Net. She posted beautiful and sexy photos of herself as a teenager and pretended to be a high school girl from Long Island. She chatted with the men online and the language would become more explicit and sexual before they asked to call or meet her up. Nelson played along and lured them with dirty talk of tits, love, sex, and going topless.

The film crew and police pounced on the suspect once the meeting was set up and Nelson waved the sexual predator into a house. The undercover mission was filmed for America’s Most Wanted. The male adults walked into the meeting place fully aware that the girl they solicited was underage. If it were not an undercover operation and another young teenage girl had really been involved, the result might have been disastrous.