Have you deleted your beloved message accidentally before ??? TextSpy is a kit which quickly and effectively retrieves your text messages purposely or accidentally deleted from any GSM SIM card, and presents the information in an easy to read format. In addition, TextSpy claims to be able to retrieve the last 10-20 deleted messages from your SIM card.

The TextSpy consists of a professional USB SIM Card Reader and the Text Spy software program CD, which also has the install drivers for the USB Reader. A few simple steps are take to retrieve your mobile phone’s SIM card lost messages.  Firstly, install the software provided  onto your PC follow by plug in the USB Reader (with your SIM card inserted).

After complete the user-friendly instuctions on its software, the last 10 to 20 text messages should show up. Lastly, the TextSpy device is selling for about $200. Would you like to spend $200 to retrieve your lost messages ???