wayne_rooney.jpgRoo Unzipped promises illicit details of rough sex and bare-all with vice girls in Manchester United star, Wayne Rooney’s wild life. It is sure to set the football and celebrity scene steaming with sexual scandals and unnatural no-rules-barred sex in the bedroom. Among Rooney’s accomplishments was a violent and sexual encounter with one prostitute known as ‘Auld Slapper’ which took place in a brothel in 2005. The writer of Roo Unzipped, John Sweeney, had interviewed numerous hookers and women in the young lad’s past.

Rooney thought he had put the episode with the call girls behind him but cocks and tits have a way of resurrecting themselves to tell their tales.

Will the book affect Rooney’s career and reputation as a professional football player? His crudeness and indiscipline in his private life are legendary. He is already being sued by his former boss at Everton £300,000 for indiscreet and inappropriate comments in his autobiography My Story So Far. Rooney could play it cool and gloat that he has balls on and off the field. He can even cash in on the publicity. But just how long can his libido and talent last? When they fizzle out, Rooney is going to be left with nothing but syphilis and sexual diseases besides his football achievements. Will they comfort him in his old age?