A new invention of smokeless solar power barbecue by Tammock

A SOLAR-POWERED barbecue has gone on sale in the UK, allowing fans of outdoor cooking to enjoy summer without fear of harming the environment

This solar powered barbecue is manufactured by swiss company named Tammock.Its invention is making use of unique mirror to focus the sunlight directly onto its cooking area which enable to cook vegetables as well to barbecus meats , seafood , fish and practically all kind of meals.

The best part is zero energy or fuel – no electricity , gas , coal is required.Just leave it under the sunlight and cook it immediately on the grill pan as the heat will form evenly from the focus mirror to its barbecue cup area.Moreover , no tossing is required too and it will cook just like the way you want the steak to be well done.

Since it is smokeless , no burning or fire , this solar powered barbecue is allowed to all fire restriction zone.Besides , its another feature of flexible mirror and foldabe grill pan make it portable in anywhere especially outdoors and camping.

More coming up on the solar powered barbecue cooking ability picutures and closer look at its design…

Solar Powered Barbecue Photo No.1

Solar Powered Barbecue Photo No.2

Solar Powered Barbecue Photo No.3