In India , where life of cow is worth more than hundreds of human.

Sacred Cow and Dung

In a primary school in Bhandara district of Maharshtra , Indian Upper caste teacher ordered the ritual because of predecessor who is a low caste – dalit , by sprinkling cow urine on low caste students to purify and drive away evil spirits in a believe that they will study well , in india where millions of people formerly known as “untouchables” or dalit still remain oppressed at the bottom of the ancient Hindu caste system.However , this case has been taken into police probing for violation of civil liberties.

Interestingly , apart from the milk, the cow’s urine & dung are also widely recognized to be possessing extraordinary medicinal properties, like disinfectant , curing skin disease like ezema , and cancer etc .Moreover , the dung can be used to produce fuel energy.

Afterall , one has to value that this unique gift of God that not only eat just grass but also gives us the invaluable Milk, Cow-Dung & Urine.