Talk about giving new entrepreneurs a boost. For about US$85 a month, one can rent box space to market and sell one’s products. “Boxpreneurs” as the budding entrepreneurs are known, can rent space the size of a box in inQbox, and do not have to worry about attracting customers or promoting their products. This is the part played by inQbox, which introduced the ‘shop in a box’ concept some years back.

Customers can go to inQbox and browse through the boxes. Each box has a different item or product made by a different producer or entrepreneur. The items on sale range from hand-made jewellery to pens and doll’s clothes. One can also get ideas and inspiration just by looking at all the items on sale in the boxes. The entrepreneurs have spent a lot of time making and arranging their products in the box as they have limited space. Besides they have to compete with attractive exhibits in other boxes. The quintessence or essence of a product’s beauty and utility is showcased in each compact little box.

The concept started with the idea of filling a gap in the business world. Budding entrepreneurs often do not have the means, the time, or the space to advertise and market their products though they may come up with brilliant and creative ideas. They lack exposure and thus do not get the opportunity to establish themselves in the market. The idea is sexy, hot and practical.