Changing sex of trees just like transvestites

Sex change of female poplar tree ? but yes for human transvestite sex change in my bio-class.However , the true is revealing after the followings story lines ….

According to Chinese media , Beijing’s female poplar trees are going to receive “sex change operations” to stop them from producing flying pollen as it has become a problem , overwhelmed the city and worsened allergy and asthma problems.

How?and its Effect?
The poplar trees have laterally-flattened stems, so that breezes easily cause the leaves to wobble back and forth, giving the whole tree a “twinkling” appearance in a breeze.By doing so , it will cast wide blanket of white stuff pollens stretching over a long distance.This pollen has give rise to increasing patients seen in the hospitals suffering from asthma and allergies after inhaling.

More coming up of the revealing the real ‘female’ poplar trees and how by injecting female ‘hormones’ is changing fertility ….

People drive horse-driven carts along a highway with Poplar Trees

Beijing, which is home to more than 300,000 poplar trees, is starting to inject some “female” trees in an experiment to change their nature so no pollen would be produced.These are the female poplars species with altered fertility, meaning they are unable to release pollen into the air.

“The poplar pollen affects the air quality of the city, and harms human health, so the city authorities must do something to deal with it,” the report quoted a gardening expert as saying.

Genetic engineered poplar trees will be next in line to alter ‘female’ fertility to halt undesirable drifting pollens and to boost ever increasing timber demand globally.Afterall , plant don’t own any plant sex rights other than its environmentally friendly and recycle paper to save trees…Oohs , forgot again , it seems like bio-class doesn’t mention it at all ….!