jennifer_lopez_big.jpgWho is luckier? Jennifer Lopez or the wife of a Russian billionaire who looks like J-Lo? The former has been paid £600,000 to perform in a private function. No, no. It’s not a topless show or a striptease dance though J-Lo definitely has the body and tits for that. The sexy singer just has to belt out a few songs in Berkshire where the private party is held. Her whole entourage will be flown in from the US at a cost of £400,000 and they will be put up in top London hotels. The event is the birthday of Andrei Melnichenko’s wife who is a former pop star and Miss Yugoslavia. The birthday bash will also stage a circus act and a hot and sexy cabaret show. One million pounds for a birthday party… The singer and the wife are two extremely lucky women in the world.