What goes on in spaces which denote power, authority and decency? Are they all dark and sleazy with hidden secrets and the betrayal of the flesh or body? Well, the principal, teacher and teacher aide prove that these figures and places of authority are not as boring and staid as they seem.

Teachers and principals don’t have a sex life. In fact, they don’t have a life. This is what many students think. But think again. A principal, a teacher and a teacher aide in an elementary school had been caught doing sexual acts in the principal’s office. The sexual action was caught on camera and copied into DVDs before being distributed to families and news agencies. The three individuals involved have since resigned.

The principal’s office is like a sacred place where students who misbehave are disciplined and brought to justice. It is a place which denotes authority, respect and integrity. It is also a place where serious work is done. For the principal to have a sexual rendezvous in his office with a member of his staff is shameful and sacrilegious. Students all over the country must have lost all respect for authority and school rules. Perhaps the office also evokes images of the principal, teacher, and teacher aide licking, petting, caressing, groaning and squeezing each other on the tits, buttocks, penis, vagina and all over the body. If adults can say one thing and do another, what is to stop young man and women from engaging in premarital sex? Teenagera are getting mixed messages from the adult members of their society.