Another new tattoo appeared on Real Madrid footballer, David Beckham’s body. This former England soccer team captain revealed his unsightly 0.6m-long tattoo that is etched over the entire surface of his right arm while he took his wife Victoria on a romantic break in Paris to celebrate Victoria’s 33rd birthday.

The tattoo design was needled in two sittings by Manchester based tattoo artist Louis Malloy on Sunday 11th March and Tuesday 13th March, the day Beckham bid farewell to Manchester United fans.

According to a source, this design consists of two ‘symbolic’ pieces that reflect the ‘deep turmoil he feels about going to LA’. Most significant, are the words ‘Pray For Me’ inscribed on the inside of his right wrist. The source also claims that the tattoo shows how Beckham feels about the massive change from being an English boy through and through, who has represented his country for many years, to someone who is now turning his back on England to embrace America.

Are these David Beckham’s real feelings? Or another publicity stunt for his new move to America and Hollywood?