Very few customers at your eatery? Hire some sexy bikini-clad girls to dance on table tops and the customers will come in droves. Never mind if the eatery is a hawker centre with plastic chairs and tables and food served on polystyrene plates. Each girl receives US$30 to US$85 an hour at these food-cum-entertainment outlets. The owners have come up with this novel idea to woo customers, especially the male sex.

Wonder what the outlet would do when the patrons get bored of these shows and demand more? Will the girls do a strip tease or bare their breasts? There’s a place and time for everything. While nightclubs and bars have long been associated with sexy acts and beautiful dancing girls, it’s a first for the humble hawker centre. When sex and sexually stimulating acts are so cheap and readily available, the wrong message will be sent out to men. They will think it is all right to treat very woman as a slut who is ready to expose her tits and pull down her panties. When children and teenagers can view these adult pornographic images live, TV or movie censorship becomes a mockery. Young girls may want to earn a quick buck by resorting to this type of amateur, sexy and body revealing dancing. Sex, sleaze and tits at open air eating places: another creative business idea or a cheap, crude and sexually exploitative gimmick?