Akon in a night club at Zen, Trinidad molesting this girl on stage

During Akon’s live performance of his hit singles at Zen nighclub in Trinidad , Spain , he managed to trick ladies into dancing on staga mentioning it is a contest and the winner will win the grand prize to Africa.The final winner was molested by him by mimicking sexual intercourse and swinging her like a mop to the hilarious support of the fan.Afterall , it is a sham entertainment put up by him and his crew.

Should Akon , an American singer and rapper as well as Senegal Star continues his kinky acts or to show the world it is indeed the true blue hip-hop rapper entertaining show?

More coming up to the sexual acts video clips and photos ….

1)Akon in Zen Trinidad molesting some girl on stage

Sex Act No.1

Sex Act No.2

Sex Act No.3

Sex Act No.4

Sex Act No.5

Sex Act No.6

Sex Act No.7…F*Her Like a Doll…don’t you think so?