Brides to be can now wear Disney inspired wedding gown down the aisle
wg1Disney are coming up with more than princess line products to include Disney-character princess wedding gown for inspiring bride to be.It ain’t come cheap and is price above average from S$1500 to S$3000.The target bride would be those married later in life with their own savings.

“We are enticing them to step up without breaking the bank,” said Jim Calhoun, executive vice president for global apparel at Disney Consumer Products.

Especially to those brides who growing up with Disney from wedding cakes to its new line of Disney inspired character wedding gown , can choose from 34 gowns from its infamous Disney film such as “Sleeping Beauty” and “Beauty and the Beast” and etc.They are designer dress from Kirstie Kelly to the expansion of its popularity princess products amount up to S$3.4 billion sales revenue worldwide last year.

“We do ‘being a princess’ better than anyone,” Korri McFann, marketing manager for Disney Fairy Tale Weddings and Honeymoons, said in an interview.

Disney is very excited about its newly promoted wedding gown and is soon to launch by adding on other adults Disney Princess fashions product as well as home furnishing only to the success of its princess wedding gown.

“If it really is the lifestyle opportunity that we think it is, then it really opens up possibilities … beyond the day of the wedding,” Calhoun said.

Disney Parks and Resorts decided to lighten up its 16 years Fairy Tale Wedding Program which hosts 2000 weddings each year by offering high end costure wedding package starts from S$75,000.It is a vast different from its standard fairy tale package starting from S$4,000 but often ends up at around S$27,000.

“We have had … couples that have been looking for an over-the-top wedding, and now we are going to offer that product to them,” McFann said.

A lesson learned that wedding ain’t come cheap lest to say to pursue a lovely ‘Princess’ wedding gown.