Women ogle more at Male sexual areas than faces
mwo1For decades , the expectation that women are more attracted to men’s faces than men in sensual spots or sexual organs.However , the reverse is true .

According to a study by using eyeball tracking technology to trace where the vision goes to when show a series seductive photos of male and female , the result shown that women ogle more than men do despite the widespread belief that women are less physical focused.

The findings shown that men are more prone to enjoy their time gazing at women face and gradually move their attention to other parts of her body and vice versa for women who would focus more time dwelling over images of couples performing sexual …


Study leader Dr. Heather Rupp from The Kinsey Institute says men look at the female face much more than women look at the male face and both look at the other areas equally.

It is clearly demonstrated that men don’t judge by age but by appearance.