Richard Gere fame of “Pretty Woman” planted a hollywood style kiss on ours girl Shilpa Shetty cheek

In an Aids Awarenes Program held in New Delhi for trucker , Mr.Richard Gere uncompromising driving the impact of danger of HIV by repeatedly kissing her hands , hugged her and finally bent her over to kiss on her cheek to the great cheered support from the fan , and much to the embarassment of Shelpa Shetti but she carried on gracefully without making much of the scene .When Gere took to the mic, he led the crowd to a “No condom, No sex” chant in Hindi.

In a country where public displays of affection is the taboo , public protests can be seen in the form of beating and burning of Richard Gere effigies with sticks as well as burning Miss Shilpa Shetty pictures and demanding their apologies.However , Ms Shilpa Shetty reacted that this acts may be a little bit too much and defending that this is his culture not ours and is not in anyway obscened but entertaining.

More video clips coming up to show how Richard Gere was out of control and kissed famous Bollywoodstar Shilpa Shetty….

Richard Gere Kissing Shilpa Shetty