Celina Jaitley wants to send across the message that widows too have their worldly needs and sex is most important of them all.

Says the siren, “That’s why I am portrayed as sexy and sensuous in the film. The whole idea is to show that a widow has her bodily needs and if she has sexual desire, there is nothing wrong in it.”

“After a certain age and time, desperation for sex can be justified for both male and female. When our male members of the society do not face restrain for remarriage than why should women face it?”

“The bodily needs of a woman are similar to men. My whole character has been shaped like this. The film might not have done quite well but if I am successful in sending across the message, I think I have done my job well.”

Celina believes that sexuality of a person has nothing to do with her marital status and today’s society should change its view as far as the treatment of a widow is concerned and should understand her sexual needs.

Says she, “It gives me immense pain when I see young women living a dejected life because their husbands died young.”

“I belong to Army background and I have experienced it more closely than others. I have seen young soldiers sacrificing their lives for the country and their wives living life of celibacy. This is unfair. Their other needs may get fulfilled but if they see someone, they are branded as a blot in the society. I think here we need to change our views. Sex is a basic requirement like other needs. If my film educates even few people, I think I have done my duty well.”

Source: News From India Daily