The magic lies in lactoferrin , naturally human produced antibodies breastmilk rich in protein and only last for first few days

Which breast to feed you ?A voluptuous breast or real suckling milk?

So what it is? It is the human breastmilk called lactoferrin which is rich in protein and to turn its substance into power , pill , drinkable commercialise viable form in a study by doctor for 13 years believed to cut visceral fat levels by as much as 40 percent.And it is also the newfound breastmilk-lactoferrin which provides immunity and non-allergy to newborn baby.Facinatingly , the breastmilk tastes differently everytime baby is nursed which help the baby to adapt to different food in their growing up.

More coming up , how does breastfeeding is instrumental in helping you to lose weight!

Fact:Breast Feeding help you to lose weight
How? Every pregancy women will put on weight as a result from fat stores in your body as can be seen from layers of fatty tissues forming notably over your abdomen and makes you feel obese.But instantaneously after birth , your breast will start to oozes out essential breast milk by breastfeeding and start to lose weight by burning away your fat or calorie everytime you nurse.

There is an old saying that the easy way to riches is to develop a medicine to end baldness or one to eliminate fat,” Morinaga tells Asahi Geino. “Up until now there have only been minor successes in both fields and no really major developments.

Interestingly as it may sound , taste would certainly be good if you can get it right from the source , got it , don’t you?