021804-12.jpgThey are not even known as homosexuals or gays. They are referred to as cross-dressers so as not to offend the sensitivities of the listeners or to acknowledge their existence. In the eyes of the authorities, it’s just lousy fashion sense rather than an identity and a state of being. But their existence warrants enough anxiety to set up a Cross-Dressers Rehabilitation Centre. What will the rehabilitation programme be like? Will the patients be taught to wear clothes according to their gender? They may be exposed to games and activities orientated to their gender. They may even be injected with hormones to cure them of their addiction or habit.

I might as well throw in my half penny worth of ideas as long as no research is needed to support these views. I suggest exposing the cross-dressers to pornography and force them to watch wrestling and drink beer. If that doesn’t work, then they may be indoctrinated with religious sermons or given counselling. Ban male celebrities who look effeminate or dress in a feminine manner. Banish them to Amsterdam or Bangkok if all else fails. What next? If this can be done on cross-dressers, why not on punks, AIDS patients, bald women, adulterous men/women, rockers, bikers, loafers, long-haired men, Nazis, Jews, or Muslims? In fact, anything that irritates the authority and lies beyond the norm. Convert them to our thinking and the world will be a boring but better place. But will it be safe?