Dr.Heba Kotb , certified sexology of Egypt and has a unique mission for the Arab world: have more sex
mdk1Despite in the muslim world of Arab , sex is a taboo in theirs culture and much less in public or TV , however , Dr.Heba Kotb , a certified sex therapist in Egypt ventures out to hosts a sex advice show dealing with all sorts of topics in her private sex clinic for married couples.

“Wherever, however and whenever,” Kotb said, “because having sex in the same place, with the same women, the same way, same steps — this drives you into the most widespread complaints.

Once a week, Dr.Kotb is hosting a sex advice show that is broadcast across the Arab world and will answer phone-in questions from the public about ejaculation, oral sex and even recommends what she thinks are the best sexual position.

Her source of material is not surprisingly came from Koran , Allah religious teaching and holy books.It is this her islamic faith drove her to elaborate on sexualogy and spread its goodness in the Arabic world.

“I found out that the foreplay was there in Koran,” she said. “The female orgasm was there in Koran, and the discharge was in Koran.”

This started out when Dr.Koth barely knew anything about sex since young in the world of muslim country , Egypt.After married with kids , she decided to further her interest by studying abroad in Florida , USA and was struck by open attitude towards sex .Ever since , she does not hold back though with strong critics from clerics but she is still considered safe from sex talks for she is a good devoted muslim and related well to Koran teaching , especially the excerpts from the chapter “Cows” – the teachings of sex life.

A little more about Koran
The Noble Koran or Quran(in Arabic) literally means recitation is the central religious text of Islam of Allah , means God.It is a religious book compilation of divine messages for guidance and direction for mankind.