Basic Entry Pizza will go for US$2.99 and 1 dollar more for additional pepperoni, sausage or meatballs toppings

The largest No.1 in sandwiches , Subway is expanding its customer base by introducing Pizza as their next strategic move sometime in June across USA to ride on growing concern of healthy image following the success of marketing campaign in 1999.

This marketing sucesss to position Subway as health consicous restaurant franchise chain was exemplified by an Indiana University student named Jared Fogle who as a spokeman , lost 110kg with a diet made up of Subway sandwiches with exercises.

“After you eat this you won’t go back to Pizza Hut,” the Subway employee in New York boasted.

according to consumerist reported.

So much so give their customer more options probably with its traditional topping like : veggie and a smacks of teriyaki chicken / turkey breast , ham , mince meat ball.Sound yummy right , and more convenient as a trendy restaurant and yet come with conventional fast food concept for the quick and simple delicious healthy food or snacks.

Here is the video clip of Subway delights….

Eat Fresh , Eat Subway