Stock market is a concept for the mechanism that enables the trading of company stocks (collective shares), other securities, and derivatives. Most people have heard of Wall Street as the place where the nation’s most well known financial transactions take place & think of Wall Street and Stock market is the same. However, this view is not so far from the truth.

In the late 1700s, Wall Street was the center point of commerce in New York City, but as yet did not have a defined place indoor for transacting financial business. A group of New York merchants met to discuss about securities business after 2 years. As result, two dozen leaders of the financial community created the first stock exchange, called the Stock Exchange Office which became the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 1863.

They agreed to sell shares or parts of companies between themselves and charge people commissions, or fees, to buy and sell for them. In addition, they found a home at 40 Wall Street in New York City. As they grew they later moved into what is currently the New York Stock Exchange Building.

Nowaday, the New York and the American Stock Exchanges, have been joined by the NASDAQ, and hundreds of local and international Stock Exchanges, that all play a part in the national and global economy.