omega.jpgWho wears an Omega timepiece? The sexiest Man Alive, George Clooney, American actor and director, exudes sex appeal, and proudly shows off his Omega. He is gorgeous, sexy, irresistible, intelligent and sophisticated – all the qualities of an Omega male. Pierce Brosnan, Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford, and Michael Schumacher are amongst some famous names associated with Omega. Sexy and cool Daniel Craig, or James Bond in Casino Royale, also spots an Omega masterpiece which is now up for sale. Omega introduced the world’s first wrist watch in 1905 when the rest of the world were still using pocket watches. The Omegamania Roadshow is touring twelve major cities in the world before landing in Geneva for the wristwatch auction of the year. Among the watches on show and for auction are:

• MIR Watch (est US$20,000) – this is the most historical and amazing watch for it spent 365 days on the Russian space station and still worked perfectly upon its return to earth. It was built to withstand temperatures of +140°C on the dial and -100°C on its back. This is due to the fact that astronauts wear a special suit outside the spacecraft where the part exposed to the sun will heat up greatly but the part touching the spacesuit is freezing cold. The 12mm watch survived the ordeal and still ticked on accurately upon its return.

• Flightmaster X-33 (est US$14,300) – A prototype that incorporates both analogue and digital time.

• Missions (est US$100, 000) – Space mission watches from 1965 to 1973; all 23 Speedmaster watches.

• Alaska Project (est US$10,000) – Unique piece for Omega tried to improve on its Speedmaster model for NASA, but NASA claimed that it wanted to keep Speedmaster. Thus production of Alaska Project was never continued.

• Chocolate Dial (est US$5,140) – This chimera-like watch has an unusual black dial that slowly changes to dark brown when exposed to sunlight.

• Marine Chronometer (est US$4,000) – The world’s most accurate wristwatch.

• 100-Year Old Left Hand (est US$3,420) – This rare watch has its winding knob on the left.

• Casino Royale Planet Ocean (est US$8,570) – This watch has scratches, grime, sweat, and blood because it survived the stunts of Daniel Craig in the James Bond movie.

• Ursula Andress Ring Watch (est US$62,857) – This unique 25-diamond, platinum and tourmaline ring watch designed by Andrew Gima was worn by Ursula Andress, the sexy and famed James Bond actress who appeared in a bikini like a goddess from the sea.

The group of world famous personalities endorsing Omega watches include celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig …