The Infamous Chinese Emperor’s Imperial Banquet or Beijing Exotic Penis Banquet
cib1Coincidentally or not , in China , founder of the restaurant is said to have discovered his dream recipe of the nutritional benefits of animal penises unique delicacy while living in Atlanta after fleeing China’s civil war back in 1949 to Taiwan.His name is Mr.Guo , 81 years of age and retired.

Claiming man’s best friend is low in cholesterol and able to boost male sex drive , and it is also acts as medicinal cures for almost all ailments.

Let’s start off with serving by waitress , Nancy in one of the China’s Beijing Restaurants:

The dish in front of me is grey and shiny.

“Russian dog,” says my waitress Nancy.

“Big dog,” I reply.
“Yes,” she says. “Big dog’s penis…”

Yes! Only here in China can you taste dog’s penis and its testicles, a giant donkey penis (salami-shaped object) which is good for the skin , snake too very potent , sheep , horse , Ox and seal is excellent for blood circulation , added Nancy.

So who’s are the customers?
Nancy, the waitress, calls herself a nutritionist. “Only common people come here to get drunk and laugh,” she says.

All men except women don’t come here so often, and they shouldn’t eat testicles,” says Nancy solemnly.Women don’t come here so often, and they shouldn’t eat testicles,” Nancy says.Interestingly to the extent of its high potency traditional medicine , men do spend $5,700 on rare dish , tiger penis which is driven the species into extinction and indirectly promote illegal trading.But the restaurant claimed that it is brought in as animal died of old age.

Then , could a wild creature like tiger or Ox penis soup is better than viagra?

Probably , asian are a mix between ancient traditions and futuristic approach-eat wild or its correspond man ‘best friend’ or poetic justice.However, cultural scar tissue is the hardest thing to lose from a nation’s hangups.

Not to disappoint you , the ‘exotic’ unpleasant picture is with this link which I can’t even look at them , couldn’t you?It’s sick , isn’t it?