YouTube is the craze now all over the world. It has even taken over the Oscars by some estimates. But it is also creating a lot of jitters amongst governments who desire tighter control over the media and press. In a clash between the giant website and the Thai monarchy, a ban was imposed on Youtube and remained until a video clip deemed insulting to the monarch is removed. The ban was imposed not because of sexual images or violent videos. Instead, the offending 44-second clip showed graffiti plastered all over a slideshow of 79-year-old King Bhumibol Adulyadej including offending pictures of feet over the King’s image. Although the video had actually been removed by the user after protests from the Thai government, one still frame remained.
YouTube has been completely banned from Thailand after its parent company Google, refused to remove a clip which insulted the Thai monarchy.

Googles Inc. steadfastly refused to remove the still frame despite renewed request from the Thai government. Meanwhile, the ban on YouTube in Thailand remained but the still clip garnered more viewers as their curiosity is aroused by the publicity generated. Tradition is being challenged by technology. Which will triumph?