HIV is neither pretty nor harmless
New HIV Drugs : Left , Darunavir(Prezista) and Right , Ritonavir(Norvir)

A new drug for HIV has produced highly promising results in trials, when combined with an existing treatment accorind to new research findings.They are Darunavir for advanced HIV infection plus with low dose of current Antiretroviral Ritonavir .

There is a need for new antiretroviral drugs, as current treatments often start to fail after several years. The study by a Barcelona hospital team is published online by The Lancet.

Darunavir is a new inhibitor drug given to the patients to stop HIV replicating by blocking the action of the protease enzyme.The therapy would be either adult single dose once daily or adult single dose twice daily of darunavir and ritonavir.

The researchers assessed the impact of the drugs by measuring the amount of HIV genetic material (RNA) in the patients’ blood after 48 weeks.

They found that 61% of those taking the new drug achieved a 10-fold drop, compared with just 15% of those in the control group according to BBC News.

HIV isn’t pretty but harmful in one way or another especially engaging in indiscriminating sexual relationship.