A hard body, a muscular torso, cute buttocks, and a sexy smile – Walter Bruce Willis has not lost his charm nor sexual appeal yet as the die-hard hero in Live Free: Die Hard 4. He returned as John McClane, the tough cop who was an alcoholic, no longer employed by the police department, and divorced from his wife. Battling personal and relationship problems, his has a job with the United States Department of Homeland Security job to track down dangerous computer hackers.

Meanwhile, the traffic lights across the country broke down in a terrorist attack on the national infrastructure network. The terrorists subsequently executed their plans of shutting down the banking network and stock market, sending prices plummeting and the US economy into chaos. McClane was putting a young computer hacker, Matt Foster (Justin Long), into custody when he discovered the latter’s talent in uncovering the motives and plans of the terrorists in action. Thus, the veteran tough cop and the young genius teamed up and got into action to halt the destruction plan of the terrorists. The result is hot action, cool computer know-how, sexy men, and exciting heart-stopping moments in the movie.

The Trailer of Die Hard 4