maradona_mundial_2006_2.jpg Ask any teenager who is football legend Diego Maradona and chances are he’ll be able to tell you, though he might not recognise the football hero from recent photographs. Maradona had put on so much weight that he is not instantly recognisable any more. He appeared like a bloated and fat middle-aged man, who thinks he is God but who is in reality not very sexy nor very successful. But Maradona had been in and out of the limelight throughout the decades. After being heralded as the greatest football player of the last century, Maradona had been dogged by problems of drug and alcohol abuse. It seemed like God blessed this little great man and then abandoned him to the devil.

Maradona had recently been rushed to the hospital for liver problems though he is now showing signs of improvement. He might have the hand of God once upon a time, and the feet of a football legend, but his liver is very much human.

Maradona’s Superb control of the ball

Prowess and Mastery of Diego Maradona in action