The Juno Awards is  the famous  annual Canadian Music Awards. It was Nelly’s night at the Juno Awards. Nelly Furtado was a performer at 2007 Juno Awards as she won five of her dominations. Nelly Furtado’s hot album, Loose (Junos Album OF The Year), has sold over ten million copies worldwide. Nelly Furtado’s  honors for the Juno Awards night included Album and Single of the Year as well as the Fan Choice award. nelly-furtado.jpg
Nelly Furtado said she was both honored and humbled for the awards. “I moved to Toronto when I was 17, I had a dream — I’m getting emotional — of being an artist,” Nelly Furtado said. “I just love doing what I do. It means a lot to me.” Nelly Furtado is a “real” amazing singer….