Donald Trump,left,and Champion Bobby Lashley,right,shave the head of Vince McMahon while legend reference Steve Austin, Center,join the fun.
For those who are waiting anxiously for the Wrestlemanina ‘ Battle of the hair ‘ between WWE’s chairman Donald Trump and Vince McMahon , Trump’s chosen wrestler Bobby Lashley beats Vince McMahon’s wrestler, Umaga at Wrestlemania on April Fool’s Day and was filled with loud music, pyrotechnics and screeching, flashbulb-snapping fans – to see who ( billionaire) got bald.

Guess what , Vince McMahon was held down and shaved his head bald to the screeching support and cheers of the fans , the much awaiting ‘Battle of the Billionaires’ match, professional wrestling’s largest annual pay-per-view event wrestling match .

Wrestling legend Stone Cold Steve Austin was the guest referee for the match. It is reported Trump wasn’t just a cheerleader during the match, however – he leaped off his feet and drove McMahon into the ground, then pummeled him with some closed-fisted punches… the real punches right into his chest?

Lashley’s pinfall victory over the 300-plus-pound ”Samoan Bulldozer” meant that Trump is to shear and shave McMahon bald.

It wasn’t all laughs for Trump, though. After celebrating in the ring with a cold beer – Austin’s preferred post-victory beverage – an unsuspecting Trump was given a ”Stunner” by Austin – he had his head driven into Austin’s shoulder. Lashley tended to Trump while Austin jogged toward the dressing room to the roaring approval of the crowd.

The wrestlemania 23rd edition drew over 80,000 fans, a new ford record at Detroit.Apparently , the billionaires much promo-campaign ‘ Battle of hair ‘ and not the wrestler pull the exciting crowds to their surprise of entertaining legend referee.