The crazy man was arrested after trying to break into Sir Paul McCartney’s British mansion on last Friday. Paul McCartney’s security guards were left shaken as the man drove into The Beatles legend’s Peasmarsh estate, in Sussex, the man kept screaming, “I must get to him.”

Paul’s Security team managed to stop the man reaching Paul’s home by activating an emergency gate, before turning his car and tearing across McCartney’s fields and gardens.  He was finally stopped by trees and a fence just metres from McCartney’s home. After being halted by the trees and fence, the man turned his car around and sped away from the McCartney farm as police arrived.

The crazy man has now been sectioned and detained in a local psychiatric hospital. A Sussex police spokesman said: “We received a call from a security officer at Peasmarsh and later arrested a man at his home address. He was initially arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and failing to stop when challenged by police. “He was later detained under the Mental Health Act and is not facing criminal charges.”

The crazy man’s terrifying attack brought back fears of attacks similar to those on other former members of the Fab Four. Still remember that??? John Lennon was murdered in 1980 when crazed fan Mark Chapman shot him outside his flat near New York’s Central Park & George Harrison was forced to fight off an intruder who managed to stab him in the chest after he had broken into his home 7 years ago. Fortunately, Paul McCartney’s security team have done a good job to avoid the terrifying incident happened.