ffThe Asia Pacific reported that firefox will be the most popular web browser fowllowed by IE(internet explorer)6 and then IE7 in 3 months time.This will be as an unwelcome move and dissatisfaction to Mircrosoft though currently are sharing and competing on the quite a similar platform.

The popularity of Firefox has grown significantly over the last two years and advises web designers to support other web browsers besides Internet Explorer which mainly are stil custom tailored for IE use only. An edge over for which Firefox provides an
environment for web developers in which they can use built-in JavaScript Console and the document object model Inspector.

Estimated Usage for Next 3 months
March 18-36-33
April 20-34-35
May 22-32-37

Average Browser Useage for last 6 years
2007 :IE7- IE6- IE5- Fx- Moz- S- O
February 16.4%- 39.8%- 2.5%- 31.2% -1.4% -1.7%- 1.5%
January 13.3%- 42.3%- 3.0%- 31.0%- 1.5%- 1.7%- 1.5%

Join the revolution now for it will be the most popular , widely used or even trendsetter in the coming dominant browser in the world.